About Mike

About Mike

About Mike

The highest compliment I can pay you is to expect more from you.


Mike Kates has been a certified trainer since 1997 and has enjoyed working with a wide variety of clients using a combination of Lifestyle and Weight Management skills and Personal Training to achieve optimal results. With a true passion for learning and fitness, Mike creates a personal experience for his clients that few other trainers can claim. His clients, many who he has trained for as long as a decade, enjoy tremendous variety in training modalities. He thrives on bringing clients a steady flow of new challenges.

Mike has over 17 years of experience and is certified by the American Council on Exercise as a personal trainer and Weight Management counselor. He also holds certifications in sports nutrition, pre/post natal fitness, youth fitness, low back rehabilitation, and body weight training, as he continues to build his knowledge base.

Mike is also the inventor of the Corfit Abs Trainer, an exercise device that makes core exercises easier on the neck. He was also the trainer for Chicago’s Esteem Makeover program.

Mike resides in Wilmette, IL and trains clients in both Maui and Chicago.


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"As a musician and performer Mike has focused my program on optimal eating, strength, endurance, heart heath and my general well being. He has adjusted perfectly to my specific needs and knows my body better than I do."

− Ken Arlen

"Mike has helped me change my life. He continues to provide me with nutritional and exercise guidance that has changed my view of myself."

− Ed Kelly

"Mike has made me an athlete, mentally and physically...with his expert guidance I've achieved things I thought impossible."

− Helen

"Mike is a critical part of my support team. He is a master motivator and challenges me to be my best. He listens when I need to talk. He knows sometimes I can't do it all and makes it okay. Most importantly, he treats me like an athlete, not a patient. I cannot begin to explain how important Mike's compassion, support and drive are to my overall survival."

− Wendy Finger

"When challenges come up for me, Mike is always supportive, resourceful and helps me focus on the big picture. He creates a safe, respectful atmosphere at every training session. "

− Nancy Arlen